+ A Level Art

By taking Art and Design at A Level, there are lots of job opportunities and universities you can apply for. Art and Design is an extremely well regarded A Level. There are 1.8 million jobs created in the Art and Design industry and you will have the opportunity to go into jobs such as Architecture, Set design and 3D design. There are many jobs and courses you can go onto from doing the A Level Art and Design course.

+ A Level Biology

Biology is a key subject for lots of STEM careers, particularly in healthcare, medicine and jobs involving plants or animals. it is also important to remember that biology is excellent preparation for non-scientific careers, thanks to the skills it provides – everything from analytical thinking to writing reports. You will be studying the Edexcel specification qualification.

+ A Level Chemistry

Chemistry will help you get ahead in most STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers and more besides. Chemistry is an important subject for careers in medicine, environmental science, engineering, toxicology, developing consumer products, metallurgy (studying how metals behave), space exploration, developing perfumes and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, energy, teaching, science writing, software development and research. You will be studying the OCR specification qualification.

+ A Level Computing

Computer Science is useful for everyone living in our digital society. Technology is being integrated into almost all fields, and an understanding of computer science will provide a competitive edge when looking for jobs. Whether you plan to become a Programmer, Engineer or even a Lawyer, the problem solving skills gained through computer science are second to none. It is good for those that are logical thinkers and those that would like to develop their logical and computational thinking skills.

+ A Level English Literature

Reading feeds the soul, broadens the mind and ignites the imagination. Great works of literature encourage us to consider timeless themes that have resonated with readers across centuries. When we read about the suffering of others, we realise that we are not alone - we read to discover a greater understanding of ourselves, of what it means to be human. If you enjoy reading, analysing texts and debating the big questions about the human condition - of what it means to be alive, then A Level Literature is for you. We will be studying some of the most exciting texts written in the English language, from Shakespeare's tragedies to some of the most thrilling contemporary fiction, including Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel, 'The Handmaid's Tale', and Tennessee Williams' tragic drama, 'A Streetcar Named Desire'. An A Level in English Literature is highly regarded by universities and is excellent preparation for a wide range of degree courses.

+ A Level Geography

Geography rocks! Building on the foundation of GCSE, A Level Geography explores in further detail the physical and human dynamics of our planet and seeks to better understand the interplay and responsibilities of both for the history, present, and future of our world. Combining aspects of science, mathematics, history, politics, and sociology, geography is widely recognised as an excellent foundation for university study across a range of subjects. If you are curious about the world, and want to further understand the impact of humans on our planet then this is the course for you.

+ A Level History

History teaches us to ask two very important questions, why and how; providing us with a more balance outlook of the world. This is the key to sharpening your critical thinking abilities, enabling you to develop stronger analytical, research and communication skills to form a reasoned judgement. History is a highly respected subject by universities and opens up a plethora of courses that can be studied and wide range of careers that can be accessed.

+ A Level Mathematics

Mathematics is the passport to any degree or apprenticeship as it is accepted by all university courses and employers. We study familiar topics in more depth, as well as considering a broad range of new concepts including mechanics which supports physics, and statistical methods which are required for many other post 18 subjects, including psychology, biology and economics. The life skills gained include problem solving and logical reasoning.

+ A Level Film Studies

Film is one of the main cultural innovations of the 20th century and a major art form of the last hundred years. Those who study it characteristically bring with them a high degree of enthusiasm and excitement for what is a powerful and culturally significant medium, inspiring a range of responses from the emotional to the reflective. Film Studies consequently makes an important contribution to the curriculum, offering the opportunity to investigate how film works both as a medium of representation and as an aesthetic medium.

+ A Level Music

A Level can be stressful with the increase in workload; however Music offers an alternative learning format with a combination of practical and theoretical lessons. Having studied Music at GCSE level, pupils will have secured a strong understanding of performance, composition and the analysis of set works. With a large proportion of the course focusing on recitals and composition in finer detail, this course offers to inspire the next generation of musicians. This course offers pupils the opportunity to develop their songwriting and performance intelligence and to showcase those accomplishments in a wider context with live shows.

+ A Level Physics

Physics is a seriously useful subject for the majority of STEM(science, technology, engineering and maths) careers and you’ll find physicists everywhere, in industry, transport, government, universities, the armed forces, the secret service, games companies, research labs and more. You will be studying the OCR specification qualification.

+ A Level Psychology

Ever wondered why people can commit the most atrocious crimes? How we learn and develop our understanding of the world around us? Or why some people are more susceptible to mental illness than others? Then Psychology is for you! Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Pupils will be provided with the opportunity to build on skills developed during their studies in Science and Humanities. Studying Psychology at A Level will provide pupils with the fundamentals of the subject and develop skills valued by Higher Education, British Psychological Society (BPS) and employers. Pupils will be able to explore a range of topics in psychology such as social influence, psychopathology, and attachment.

+ A Level Sociology

Sociology is a fascinating subject. It explores the human and social world that all of us inhabit. It seeks to examine our relationships at home with family, amongst friends at school and between different groups in society as a whole as well as examining what 'normal' acceptable behaviour is and the shared values that bind society together. Moreover, sociology not only explores society’s origins, development, organisation and institutions, but also unpacks, evaluates and considers possible solutions to society’s problems; these problems may include gender inequality, knife crime and unhealthy lifestyles, for example. As the sociologist Anthony Giddens has pointed out, social research conducted by trained sociologists in government agencies, universities and interest and groups has had an enormous influence on the running of modern society, especially as their findings will often be presented to policy makers making decisions that affect us all.

+ A Level Spanish

"Why study Spanish at A-level? First and foremost because it is fun! But there are plenty of more practical reasons too… With the competition for university places growing ever fiercer, it really pays to have a foreign language qualification up your sleeve, even if you are not applying for a languages course. A foreign language is widely considered to be one of those rigorously academic subjects we keep hearing about, and is also favoured by higher education institutions for the communication skills that it helps students to develop. Just think about the work and study possibilities that you may be opening up for yourself if you study a language. Going to university or working abroad is a phenomenal life-enhancing experience. An A level in a foreign language can give you an invaluable linguistic base on which to build your fluency.

+ BTEC Business

Are you aiming for a career in business, management, accounting or law? This course is designed to give you the practical and professional knowledge you need to succeed in these highly competitive sectors. We provide you with the opportunity to study for a work-related qualification, giving you a sound understanding of each vocational area.

+ Cambridge Technical Award: Sport

This is the perfect course for learners wanting to progress into a sport-related career or Higher Education. The course is designed to reflect both practical and theoretical aspects of sport across a range of disciplines. Lessons will be a mixture of theory and practical lessons and wherever possible underpinning theory will also be demonstrated in a practical context. Assessment combines observed practical assessments, written reports, case studies, presentations, discussions and work booklets.

Please note - courses will only run if they have a sufficient number of students to make them viable.