The Sixth Form Team

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Mr A Noble - Assistant Headteacher, Head of Year

Mr Noble has been an Assistant Headteacher for 4 years and a Head of Sixth Form for 5 years. He has vast experience helping students achieve their best and has assisted students in obtaining some of the country’s most prestigious university places (including Oxford and Cambridge). In addition, Mr Noble has worked closely with students who wish to secure apprenticeships and helped them secure opportunities in some of the UK’s leading businesses. Mr Noble has worked with many Sixth Forms and has consulted other schools on how to best structure and implement Sixth Form opportunities. Mr Noble designed the Reach Out programme to ensure that all students get teacher led, pastoral progression every day.

It is my goal to give every Sixth Form student the best possible platform for success by the time they leave in Year 13 and to provide them with as many opportunities as possible during their time in Sixth Form.

Mr M Essery - Deputy Headteacher, Sixth Form Line Manager

Mr Essery, a former Head of Sixth Form and experienced Deputy Headteacher, ensures that the decision making in the Sixth Form is in line with the school ACE ethos and that all practices are in the best interests of students. Mr Essery has a wealth of experience managing change within a school and is passionate about making The Reach Free School Sixth Form the highest achieving non-selective school in Hertfordshire. Mr Essery works closely with Mr Noble to make sure that all students have access to as many learning opportunities and outside curriculum opportunities as possible. Mr Essery delivers the EPQ and Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award to the Sixth Form students.

I designed the Reach Beyond programme to ensure that the opportunities that students receive are embedded in their timetable and that there is always a teacher to guide them through all aspects of their learning.

Miss S Rishiraj - Year 12 Form Tutor

Miss Rishiraj is popular amongst the students and always has time for their views and concerns outside of class. Miss Rishiraj ensures that students start the day focused and prepared and supports them during their Reach Out sessions everyday.

I want my tutees to start every day with targets, goals and motivation. I enjoy helping them to complete their weekly goals.

Meet some of our students



After achieving fantastic GCSE grades, Margaret chose to carry on her A Levels at The Reach Free School. Margaret studies English, Psychology and Sociology. Margaret also enjoys giving back to the school community by volunteering on the school’s Pupil Services Desk. Margaret aspires to study Social Science at a top university. Margaret uses some of her non-contact lesson reading novels and preparing for her next classes.

I chose The Reach Free School as I loved how the teachers always have time for me and always pushed me to achieve my best. It seems like there is a new opportunity every week!
— Margaret


Max achieved great GCSE grades and chose to study Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Max is an asset to the school and is line to achieve his Gold Community Action Award. In addition to helping in Pupil Services, Max volunteers in Year 7 Science lessons, assisting the teachers and working with small groups of students. Max is working hard on becoming a Paramedic and will be applying to university to study Paramedic Science.

I really enjoy all the different opportunites The Reach Free School offers me. In addition to my studies I am undertaking the EPQ and Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and am happy that I get timetabled lessons for this every week
— Max


Annabelle performed very well in her GCSEs and chose to study Maths, English and Psychology. Annabelle will be applying to a top university to study a mathematical related degree. Annabelle mentors pupils in lower school a helps them with their English and Mathematics. Annabelle works very hard and utilises the school library to complete her work during her non-contact lessons. Annabelle is also a national gymnast and trains serveral times a week.

I really enjoy my lessons. My teachers are very helpful and always have time for me outside lesson times. I think the facilities for studying here are amazing and I love the library space for working.
— Annabelle